BMC-helping lenders

"I have referred Blackstone to several of our clients over the years. They are proven and methodical in their approach. As a 25 year Commercial Banker I know when Blackstone is working with one of my clients they are in good hands."

- Frank Crinella Regional Vice President, TD Bank

Good commercial lenders see the signs.  

A good lender can sense loan quality deterioration long before it becomes nonperforming; but too often lenders have few tools to address the situation except to shrink exposure and hope. 

We offer proactive intervention; and we do this well.

We work with business owners every day on their most thorny and strategic issues. That requires the ability to build trust and open communication in sticky and often adverse situations. This skill is critically important when tackling turnarounds; especially if the help arrives on a lenders recommendation. 

Sure, we provide the detailed internal analysis needed to properly identify the fundamental issues causing a business to underperform.

We will evaluate the viability of the company's market position and its operational capability. We will critically evaluate management's capabilities and plans and recommend corrections as needed. We are ready to roll up our sleeves and help implement and we certainly will help ownership understand your covenants and their importance; including how and why they work.

But perhaps most importantly, we place a high degree of focus on quickly building trust and confidence so if your recommendation is initially resisted it eventually becomes welcomed, and our action recommendations get implemented. Ultimately we all benefit from a successful intervention.

Generating loan pipeline is hard work. When one of your portfolio clients starts showing the signs, don't wait until it fails to meet its obligations, or falls to the hands of workout; that just generates another empty bucket to fill. Let us help you..

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