Many business consultants have never actually run a company. In many cases, they have been recruited to their firm out of college; which can be an excellent approach for some situations. When an entrepreneur is engulfed in major challenges, however, we believe his or her business is best served by a different approach. We advocate infusing seasoned leaders who have successfully addressed many of the same issues facing the client. Ideally, that includes having lived it.

We are not focused on acronyms, studies, and extensive academic recommendations. We expect to quickly assess the situation, roll-up our sleeves, and apply extensive operational and P&L experience. We focus client organizations on improving their bottom-line financial performance as quickly as possible.

Our executives typically have 20+ years of successful executive leadership experience in positions that include the CEO, President, CFO or VP Operations. This includes full P&L accountability. Most of us are also entrepreneurs, ourselves.

One thing we share is that we have reached a point in our careers where the desire for increased personal freedom is combined with our ongoing hunger to make a significant impact in an organization. We enjoy passing along knowledge that we have gained from years of being in the trenches. We help clients avoid common business pitfalls, some of which we may have tripped into ourselves. We enjoy building shareholder value and maximizing the success of an organization; we find reward in seeing this accomplished.