Profits are eroding, it's been a tough couple years, we'll be good when we get more sales,my darn lender is squeezing our line, these are examples of comments we commonly encounter.

Business owners deal with a wide variety of issues every day; and as they fight the day's fires they can be easily distracted from finding long term solutions to their cause. Identifying root causes is essential to progress and failure to do so prevents operations from becoming more responsive and successful.

When engaged on an operational level, we will immediately focus on your overall productivity and effectiveness, we search for the root causes of your most challenging problems and then provide engaged, hands on operational improvement assistance.

Our operational focus targets reduction of costs and improvement of output. We use tested process and quality improvement methods, tools and techniques.

We will work closely with the senior executive team in both a directive and mentor role. When appropriate, one of us will become part of the executive team on an interim basis to effect these improvements. This approach allows us to work collaboratively and create a non-threatening atmosphere that is so important to successfully implementing change.