When you’re selling your car you make sure it is polished, running well, and has good tread on the tires; right? We all know a properly prepared used car brings far more than one offered in the condition most of us generally keep them.

The same is true of a business.  

Properly preparing a business for sale means you have addressed all the important issues that cause buyers to discount your value. 

•  Is existing management capable of operating the business should the owner leave?

•  Have you been growing or declining?

•  Do you have adequate profit and margin levels?

•  Do you have an extraordinary amount of sales concentrated with any one or two customers?

•  Are your fixed assets in sound condition?

•  Are inventories safe and properly valued?

•  Are financial reports detailed and accurate?

•  Is the software current and supported?

•  Are records properly maintained and organized?

•  Does the company balance sheet match the company tax returns?

These are just a few examples, but they give you an idea of the many things that should be straightened up. And they take time, very often 2-3 years to really have things in good order.

We are experienced in preparing companies for exit and can provide invaluable guidance and assistance that will save you time, expense and most importantly enhance the value of the company.