Why is having a clearly defined exit strategy important to your business?  

Regardless of the eventual path or timing of an exit, there is one fundamental truth that applies to all shareholders. The greater the real market value of your business, the greater the real options you will have and the greater financial reward you will realize. 

When you develop a defined exit strategy you will also adopt an exit valuation target. Our task is to help you assure it is both realistic and attainable. With a realistic target valuation in hand; you and your management team now have an essential element of any great business plan…a defined financial destination; a clear long term target.  

Given a clear target, it is much easier to set meaningful long and short term goals and measure progress along the way.

Having a clear vision of your end game also provides a basis against which new opportunities can be evaluated. It serves as a “True North” for owners and directors to chart and plot their course towards their ultimate destination